KS3 Schemes of Work

KS3 Gothic Writing SOW



About 18 months ago, I created a fully resourced Gothic Writing SOW for my department. It was a labour of love and I spent many hours putting it together. Whilst there’s a few things I’d now change, I’m still pretty proud of it and thought it might be useful to others. It might be worth cherry picking useful bits about the Gothic for a Jekyll and Hyde lesson or two for example.

Things to note:

  • I was very much in to colour coded Bloom’s Taxonomy Learning Aims
  • I amused myself with finding Gothic themed ‘Share Bears’
  • The assessment criteria was linked to National Curriculum Levels so will need updating
  • The SOW is very detailed and reads much more like a series of lesson plans
  • I believe in having a whole lesson dedicated to students receiving assessment feedback, redrafting work and acting on the targets I’ve given them. In the SOW these are the ‘Green Pen Time’ lessons as directed by the school I worked in at the time. I’d now do things a little differently but haven’t adapted them on here because I think people have their own way of giving feedback.

Link to Google Drive with the fully resourced scheme of work here. If you use anything I’d love to get your feedback. Please feel free to use/adapt as you see fit.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing…I’m home educating my 13 year old daughter and looking for any free resources to help with her English…This is great! Thanks again.

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