I’m starting full time at a new school in September and I think it’s really important to take ownership of the classroom I’ll be spending a lot of time teaching in. Consequently, I’ve spent a few days in school this summer rearranging the furniture and putting up my own displays.

My aim was to create displays that will be easy to read; can be referred to and won’t have to be redone at regular intervals. I’ve also got a thing about rainbow colours at the moment it seems…


I first saw something similar to this up in a classroom in my last school and I really like the idea of encouraging students to try working through a problem on their own or by using the resources available to them to problem solve. Of course I want to help my students but I also want to build their resilience and ability to work independently.

I created a composite of different 3B4ME ideas I’ve seen and if you’d like to use them the file is here: 3B4ME

Discussion Stems

I think the fantastic @fod must have one of the most beautiful classrooms in the country and she has been a source of inspiration in attempting to beautify my own. You can see her blog post here about her classroom displays and I’ve stolen the discussion stem display from her.

The Discussion Stem display file is here: Discussion Stems

Growth Mindset

I’d seen a few Growth Mindset displays on Twitter but liked the simplicity of a fixed mindset statement linked to where I’d like students to get to with their approach to learning.

The Growth Mindset display file is here: Growth Mindsets

The Word Rich Get Richer…

A reference to the Matthew Effect, I created this display for my word of the week. To create the butterflies, I cut out a cardboard template of a butterfly and then used that to cut out pages of an old dictionary (two per butterfly) which were then glued together and stapled to the board.


I hope that some teachers out there are able to use the display materials I’ve put together. I think Twitter is a great place to find and share resources and ideas that means we can save each other time (and headaches). I’d love to see photos if you do use anything here.

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