Retrieval Practice

On curating 5-a-Day starters


IMG_2050One on my most popular ever posts was this one on my use of 5-a-Day starters for retrieval practice at the start of lessons; it has been wonderful to see the idea spread into other teachers’ classrooms. Encouraged by Grainne Hallahan (@heymrshallahan), I’m now creating a bank of these starters created by different teachers across the country for a number of different Lit texts. Grainne is going to be my curator buddy – nobody wants to have sole responsibility for a collection!

Hopefully you’ll find some questions, or whole 5-a-Day starters, that you can take back to your classroom and save yourself some time!

You can find the 5-a-Day DropBox here: 5-a-Day DropBox

So far we have contributions from Grainne Hallahan (@heymrshallahan), Amy Forrester (@amforrester1), Millie Frost (@MissMFost), Becky (@shadylady222), Chloe Jones (@chloedjones), Jenny Anderson (@HeyMissAEng), Karen Dunn (@wren79), Matthew Lynch (@Mathew_Lynch44), Laura McQueen (@queenl88), Daniel Smith (@teach_smith), MCHayes (@MChayesmc) and myself.

If you have some 5-a-Day starters you wouldn’t mind sharing please send them to You will be credited in the blog.

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