On the Weekly Writing Challenge


Year 7 example

If you’re an English teacher on Twitter you will have found it hard to have missed the 200 Word Challenge idea which was the brain child of Chris Curtis (see this post). It’s taken off and lots of English teachers around the country have taken his lead. We decided, after Easter, to join the 200 Word Challenge revolution; we’ve not looked back.

Every week, every student in KS3 has a Weekly Writing Challenge lesson. It has evolved a little over the weeks so that the ingredients we want students to include has moved more towards slow writing ingredients and we’ve just added a 5-a-Day retrieval practice (self mark) starter for the ambitious vocabulary we expect KS3 students to learn as part of their homework. I expect it will evolve further.

We will review the Weekly Writing Challenge properly at the end of the year (a post to follow) including getting some student feedback. However, I thought I might share our Weekly Challenge resources in case you fancy joining the #200wordchallengerevolution.

wEEKLY writing challenge example

Here’s a dropbox link: here.





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