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On why we need to stop feeding the data monster

data monsterThis week the TeachWire published my article on why I think we need to stop feeding the data monster.

Why We Need To Stop Feeding The Data Monster

The data monster is very greedy; he’s not at all picky. He’ll hoover up letters or numbers and has become increasingly fond of fine grades (those plus symbols are especially tasty). His appetite has grown exponentially and he now demands to be fed, at the very least, half-termly. How else can he be expected to egest RAG rated graphs and charts?

When we started feeding him, little did we know what would happen – how could we? The care instructions told us to keep him fed and he’d tell us how our students were doing. That the more often we fed him the more nuanced his insights would be and woe betide those that didn’t feed him at all.

You can read the rest of the article here.

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