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On anticipating GCSE Results Day 2017: taking the leap as a new HoD


taking the leap

This week the TES published my article on what it feels like, as a new Head of Department, to be anticipating GCSE Results Day 2017.

Being a HoD on GCSE results day is a leap into the unknown

This is what I imagine it feels like to be sat on a plane that is climbing to the altitude from which you can skydive. We’re about 8,500ft above the ground, which means that we’re close, but we have a few more stomach-churning feet to climb before we take the leap – before we reach GCSE results day.

As we inch upwards, the jump feels both perilously close and painfully far away. I’m looking around the plane and I see, reflected back at me in the ashen faces of other heads of department, that feeling of anticipation that is both excitement and dread. We all just want to get this over with.

You can read the rest of the article here.


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