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On why we need to talk about miscarriage



On the 30th of March, Tes published the article I wrote about my experience of miscarriage back in October 2017 as part of their ‘Becoming a Parent’ guide. I think it’s an important subject to talk about which is why I wrote the piece and I hope it speaks to those who’ve experienced the same but don’t want to talk; encourages others who want to speak up to do so and I also hope it helps to inform how schools manage what can be a devastating experience for both the men and women going through a pregnancy loss.

Why we need to talk about miscarriage

Last October, I had a miscarriage. Most of the people I work with, many of my friends and even some of my family will be surprised to read that sentence. It’s not something that’s easy to talk about. Yet it happened to me: I was pregnant and then I wasn’t.

One week, we saw our tiny baby on a screen and the next, in the very same scan room but with the screen turned away from us, we were told that I was in the process of losing it.

You can read the rest of the article on the Tes blog here.

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