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On mock exams: How to cut the workload

mock exams

Earlier this month I wrote an article for Tes on mock marking.

Mock exams: How to cut the workload

It’s fair to say that there’s probably never a good time to have to mark mock paper. That said, in lots of schools there seems to be some kind of sadist who calendars mock exams at particularly cruel times.

Maybe you found yourself marking mocks at the end of last term – the misery of which is compounded by the darkening nights and the festive spirit of your non-teaching friends, who are buried in mince pies and mulled wine instead of exam scripts.

Or perhaps you have been saved the treat until after Christmas? This may seem kinder, but now you’re fat, skint, taking a break from the booze AND having to mark mock papers…

Whenever they’re calendared, most schools have two or more sessions of mock exams each year. This can represent a huge workload demand on teachers. The question is: how can middle leaders make mock-marking both meaningful and manageable for their teams?

You can read the rest here.

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